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2013微星BEAT IT 杯世界总决赛专访SK战队

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  1.Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining our interview. Welcome you come to China and good luck for your game. This is not the first time for your team come to China taking part in the game. Are you looking forward to that?


  Hi! Personally im really excited to travel to China. And I have only heard good about MSI Beat it final!

  1. 你好! 我自己为来到中国感到万分激动.我也听了很多关于MSI Beat it 决赛的正面评价.

  2.How do you prepare for MSI BEAT IT global finals? Online or offline training? How will you prepare for the game? By any chance, there will be a supernormal performance?

  2.你们是如何备战MSI BEAT IT全球总决赛的?你是进行线上还是线下训练?在比赛的时候你们将如何准备?届时能否看到你们超常发挥?

  We prepare as we do usual, only this time we will bootcamp for 3-4 days. My work includes to analyze other teams how they play. So it will be fun and im looking forward for it!

  我们像往常一样做准备,只是这一次的训练营将为期3 - 4天。我的工作包括了分析其他团队的比赛战略。所以这将是十分有趣的,我很期待!

  3.Many games held recently, for you guys, the DreamHack winter game is right after the MSI BEAT IT, is a good thing or a bad thing for your team?

  3.在这段时间,举办了很多比赛,而在MSI BEAT IT之后你们就要立即参加DreamHack冬季赛,这对你们来说是好事还是坏事?

  I do not see any problems having two majors close to eachother in time. The team develops the most during tournaments. So we will see how all goes, sadly we have to go back to Sweden the day after the tournament, in order to be able to get back to normal routines due to the jetlag.


  4.As a star teams, you certainly will be studied by competitors in this game. Do you think them have the ability to understand your strategies?


  Thats a part of the game, and then its my job to make it tougher for the opponents. How I will do it - that Ill keep for myself for now!

  那是比赛的一部分,我的工作就是让对手不那么容易做到这点。我将如何做到这点- 就要暂时保密啦!

  5.Apart from VeryGames and fnatic, do you know about other teams? Which one you want to compete with most?


  Im actually really happy that we get the chance to play versus asian teams. They have always been good in FPS games, and no one has heard alot about them in CSGO, so Im expecting every team being good. You dont have anything to expect, and thats the beauty of the game!

  我其实真的很开心,有机会和亚洲队伍比赛。他们在FPS比赛中总是有很好的表现, 而在CSGO里并没有人对他们很了解,所以我期待每一个团队都展现自己最好的实力。比赛中发生的任何事都是无法预期的,这便是比赛的美丽之处!